If the prospect of sitting face to face in a room with a counsellor leaves you feeling a little cold and intimidated, consider Walk and Talk Therapy.

Whether you find speaking to someone about difficult subjects daunting, are shy or unsure about traditional counselling, or feel you just aren’t very good at talking, combining a session with a walk out in the fresh air gives you a little more breathing space and can alleviate the pressure and intensity that can fester through a seated session.

  • How does it work?

As with any of my counselling sessions, you as the client sets the pace of both the the dialogue of what we talk about and the speed that we walk. A brisk power-walk or a gentle trundle, it’s up to you. We always finish our walk at the same place we begin and I sometimes find it useful to set a discrete timer to help us keep to time.

  • Will passers-by hear us?

In my experience, the few walkers I have come across whilst being outside with clients generally smile, say ‘hello’ and continue on their way. In honesty I don’t think they pay particular interest or notice what is being spoken about and probably just view us as any other walkers – which we are! There is no way of identifying us as being in a counselling session. However, you are in control of what happens and I will follow your lead – if you wish to stop speaking for a short while if we come across such people, that’s fine, just take a pause and start again when you feel ready.

  • Where do we walk?

There are lovely (sometimes muddy) country walks very close to my counselling room on the outskirts of Chesham that I use for walk and talk sessions. There is a mixture of footpaths and fields or if need be we can keep to the pavements.

  • What if it rains?

Clients tend not to be put off by a little bit of rain and usually come prepared in such circumstances. However, my counselling room is usually available to use if the weather isn’t good.

  • Do I need to be really fit?

In a word no, I aim to work with you at your speed – physically and emotionally.

“Heather worked with me at my pace, helping me to slowly come to terms with my personal situation. Her walk and talk approach, really worked for me, giving me space to appreciate that looking after myself physically really did help lift my mood. She knows when to listen, when to ask the right questions and just helped me work out my way to improve my life. Thanks Heather”

Kerry, client